Friday, March 22, 2013

Touring Day in Biloxi (Fri, 22 Mar)

I spent the day touring around Biloxi, MS today.  Please see the pictures below and I'll be riding to Alabama tomorrow!

Lighthouse just west of Biloxi.  This one looked a bit older than others I've seen in the area - a few decades at least.

Beauvoir - the Jefferson Davis Home & Presidential Library.  Given that this is a library for the President of the Confederate States, during the US Civil War, I was interested to see what the status of it is from a current US Government perspective - it is labeled as a "National Historic Landmark" for Literary historical reasons.  Jefferson Davis wrote his memoir here after the Civil War - "The Rise and Fall of the Confederate State of America."  In the 1890s after Jefferson's death, his wife and daughter moved to New York City and worked as writers for the noted editor, Joseph Pulitzer.

The front gate to the house and grounds - this is right on the beach about 5 miles west of downtown Biloxi.

Cemetery for Confederate soldiers in the back of the grounds.

Interesting overview of a Confederate soldier's life and specifically the marches and battles of the Civil War that this person participated in during his life.

For 30-40 years in the early 1900s this home and grounds were dedicated for caring for Confederate veterans of the Civil War, many of whom are now buried in this cemetery on the grounds.

The "Jefferson Davis Oak" - believed to be several hundred years old.

The Jefferson Davis Presidential Library.  Pretty much all US Presidents have a library; I didn't know until getting to Biloxi that the 1 and only President of the Confederate States has one now as well.

The main house (which was heavily damaged in Hurricane Katrina, but now restored).

"National Literary Landmarks Register" for the United States.

Keesler Air Force Base is located right in the middle of Biloxi.  Among other activities the USAF trains C-130 and C-21 pilots here.  Unfortunately I didn't see any aircraft today, so I took a picture of the water tower :-)

The central portion of Old Biloxi.

The Biloxi City Hall - kind of a fancy building.

1 of a couple of large casinos in Biloxi - the Hard Rock Cafe - on the Gulf beach.

Park along the beach.

They have a very nice memorial to the people who perished in Hurricane Katrina on Aug 29, 2005.

This wall is 12 feet high, which is the height of the tidal surge that happened during the hurricane.

This appears to be the largest casino in Biloxi, right on the waterfront - the Beau Rivage ("beautiful river bank" in English)

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