Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 36 (Thurs, 28 Mar)

Acronym for the day: Pretty Darn Flat = PDF!  A simple ride today through the northern forests of FL.

I rode from Crawfordville, FL to Perry, FL today.  A ride of 54 miles and flat – just a total elevation gain of 95 ft – the flattest ride thus far.  All of the ride was through forest land; primarily pine trees but some amount of hardwood forests as I neared Perry.  I passed over just 2 rivers along the way.

The route: Completely on US Hwy 98.  The highway is awesome for cycling: very smooth pavement and for the first time during the entire trip I had a riding lane for the full ride today.  Quite nice.

The weather: Getting a bit warmer.  Temps in the morning were in the 40s with most of the ride being in the 50s and low 60s.  SUNNY – again!  There was a light wind throughout the day out of the north at 5-10 mph.  With all of the trees along the road, the wind didn’t affect the ride in any way.

On to the pictures – I did my best to find a few things to photograph today, but there was not a lot of variety to select from during the ride!

 Awesome, smooth pavement and nice riding lane as I left Crawfordville this morning!  It would continue for the full 50 miles.

River west of St Marks, FL.

Nice jeep - they just don't build them like that anymore...

River east of St Marks, FL.

Typical landscape along US 98 with heavy forests and quite a bit of water in the ditches along the road.  No 'gators though.

Video along the highway.

Just before entering Perry, FL - something different - 1 of 2 cattle farms I saw west of Perry.

 Entering Perry - I hadn't seen a sign like the lower one here - I double checked that I didn't meet any of the criteria that requires a license from the city :-)

Cool, old water tower.

Updated map - just 2 more rides to go before I get to St Augustine on Saturday!!

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