Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 24 (Thurs, 14 Mar)

Today was the last full day I’ll be in Texas – nice ride through rolling hills full of woods and small ranches in East Texas.

I rode from Huntsville, TX to Lufkin, TX today.  76 miles and about 1,600 ft of climbing throughout the ride, with fewer steep hills than yesterday.  The ride started out on Hwy 30 in Huntsville and then on Hwy 19 into Trinity, TX and then most of the rest of the ride was on Hwy 94, passing through a number of small towns and the Davy Crockett National Forest.  There is also a town in the area called Crockett - both in recognition of him passing through the area on his way to the Alamo for the big "get together" that happened in San Antonio back in the 1800s.  

Weather: ditto again with just about every day of my trip – gorgeous day – sunny all day with Temps starting out in the high 50s and then low 70s in the afternoon.  The best type of weather for riding!!  There was a 5-10 mph wind in the area today, with it primarily at my back for about 2/3rds of the day – makes for a great ride!   Tailwinds of any type are awesome.

The ride was mainly to the Northeast again today.   Most of the ride was through wooded areas with plenty of country homes and small horse/cattle ranches.  Spring continues to be “in the air” and is great to hear and smell nature again (other than big trucks going by…).

On to the pictures!

Sunrise in Huntsville, TX at my hotel.

Courthouse in the center of Huntsville, TX.

In the Huntsville, TX cemetery there is a big monument where Sam Houston is buried.  One of the more famous Texans (although born in VA).  Interesting guy who accomplished a lot in his life (Governor in 2 states); more can be read here:

Old WW II German POW camp outside of Huntsville, TX - now a camp and golf course...

Passing over the Trinity River and into Trinity County, TX.  Nice smooth bridge with plenty of room for cyclists - nice!

Seeing more and more marshland.

Lot's of really small, roadside BBQ places in this part of TX.  Kind of cool that a business that size can stay in business.

Lot's of horse farms in the area.

Forests!  And even some shade to ride in on the road.

Big Texas Football town - Groveton, TX - that I passed through today.

Courthouse at the center of Groveton, TX.

This house in Groveton is definitely ready for Easter, given the decorations in their front yard!

Lot's of big pine trees in the Davy Crockett National Forest.  More can be found here on this famous American: 

Turkey vultures have been very prevalent over the past two days.  I thought that I'd see plenty of these in Western Texas (given all of the dead deer there along the road) but actually I didn't; however I've been seeing them in East Texas (about 10 a day) - a big bird for sure and I start wondering what they're doing when I see their shadows pass over me a couple of times in rapid succession!

Lots of horses out on their own - almost always they look up and watch cyclists ride by.

My red shirt is starting to fade a bit but definitely still stands out well along the road - cars/trucks can easily see me.  This in the Davy Crockett National Forest.

My bike made it to Lufkin - me too!

Updated map!  On to Louisiana tomorrow!!

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